Alfie’s Story!

March 26, 2013

Alfie is a sweet little dude that was found as a stray, at only a few months old!  He was only a few pounds and such a cute little guy.  When I was contacted to see if Ruffles would welcome him into our family, I of course said yes – however, we could only welcome him in, once we had a spot available.  Since Ruffles is completely foster based, all of our dogs live in doors – we don’t use kennels, boarding, or anything.  They all live inside our homes and are loved and treated like one of our own, until they find a forever home.  Finally, on March 12th, we had a small spot open and Alfie hopped right in.

When he finally came into our family, we has already six months old, and cute as a damn button.  He instantly fitted right in, loved everyone – dog, cat, kid – anyone, and we had an appointment to get him neutered and ready to adopted out.  However, the worst imaginable happened.  When on our everyday walk, Alfie, She’Ra (my personal dog) and myself was attacked by a stray.  Alfie almost died from being ripped apart.  Here is the update, with the story of what happened, that I posted on Facebook:

Hello supporters! A lot of questions have came up from the incident that occurred last night with the attack on me and Alfie. Questions like, if I’m okay, what happened to the dog, and more questions of how it happened. First, I’d like to thank everyone for the love and support. Alfie is in his crate, bundled up and recovering from surgery. Our vet, Dr. Singh did an amazing job, like always and our baby got the up-most care that he needed. Last night after getting off work, I came home and took my dogs for their short little walks. I have a handful a few fosters and my personal dogs, so they take turns going around the blocks. Alfie and She’Ra, my personal dog, were being walked together. When coming back on my street, a stray whom I’ve never seen before came running up, sniffed my babies and kind of dominated Alfie by pushing him around, and kind of crunching him with his front end. While trying to push the stray away, and trying to pick up Alfie, the stray took Alfie in his mouth and wouldn’t release. Once the stray had Alfie, I dropped all leashes and started to try to pry Alfie out of his mouth. While it all happened so fast, I remember the stray shaking Alfie like a rag doll and She’Ra trying to get in the middle of. I started kicking and punching the stray while I had him by the neck and scruff. After much fight and blood flying everywhere, I thought Alfie was dead. He stopped screaming and just laid limp in the strays mouth and I finally pried the dogs mouth open. Alfie dropped and I had the stray pinned down. A gentleman heard the commotion, and was able to hold the stray while I got my dogs. She’Ra was terrified of me, because I am sure she was hit and kicked in the process of trying to break it up. Alfie went missing. I got She’Ra home and searched for Alfie. I called Heather in a panic, when I couldn’t find Alfie. I screamed for her to come to my house, and within five minutes, she was here. She only lives about two miles away. Right before she got here, I found Alfie. He was curled in a ball, in the corner of the yard where the incident happened. I had Alfie in a blanket when Heather and her husband came, and threw Roger, Heathers husband my house keys and screamed for him to handle everything and the dog who was being held by the gentleman still. I told him my dogs need to go in crates, and I’m sure my words were, “Handle that fucking dog. Get him out of here.” Heather and I went straight to the emergency vet while Roger took care of everything at my house. Roger had called the cops, and the dog is currently on a stray hold. So far, from what I am aware of, no owners have came forward. The dog, who is not dog friendly, was very people friendly after the incident. While, I hate the fact that he had to be taken to the shelter, I had a lot to care for, my main concern Alfie and She’Ra, and a report had to be filed. She’Ra is fine, very startled and Alfie, was torn open. He is recovering and wagging his tail and giving kisses like it never happened. I’m okay. A little scrapped up, and very sore from trying to wrestle a dog who’s pray drive had taken over and who probably weighed 60-80 pounds. Once we got to the emergency vet, and Alfie was in the oxygen chamber, I looked down and found blood all over my hands, feet (I was wearing flip flops) and all over my jeans. After that, you guys have been kept in the loop. I can’t think my women, Heather, enough. She seriously keeps me grounded. I also can’t think my veterinary staff or my veterinarian enough. Always amazing. The staff answered their phones last night when I was freaking out and had everything ready for this morning. I also can’t think you guys enough. While our expenses were very large, you guys came though and helped us cover almost half. Thank you so much. Today while waiting for Alfie, we met a supporter and she asks me, how do you handle it emotionally? I couldn’t if it wasn’t for my friends and supporters like you. And of course, financially, is hard. I work full time as an accountant to be able to rescue. But the expenses often are greater than I could ever imagine making. You guys come through for me and my dogs. So amazing and heart warming. I love you guys to the moon and back!

Being there when the attack happened, and not being able to stop or prevent what happened to Alfie, made me feel terrible and like a failure.  I failed Alfie.  I’m suppose to be his protector, and he was hurt.  He almost lost his life, because I wasn’t fast enough.  Because I couldn’t stop a dog from attacking him.  I also failed She’Ra.  She’Ra had a few puncture wounds on her head and ears from getting in the middle of the attack.

When I sent out a plea to my Ruffles Family, friends, and supporters – you guys came together to help him.  Supporters from New York, Washington, California, and anonymous supporters who didn’t want to be recognized donated to make sure Alfie was taken care of.  Within forty-eight hours, his emergency veterinary stay, his surgery, medicine – everything was covered.  When the attack happened, I had no idea what I was going to do.  It was a Friday, I just got paid (I work full time to be able to rescue), and my whole check went to Alfie’s emergency vet care.  All I had in my bank account to have him stable so our vet, Dr. Singh, could do the surgery.  What was I to do?  The dogs still needed dog food, the surgery at Dr. Singh still needed to be paid – I was lost.  I sent out a plea for help – and an army showed up.  You guys.  My army.  Alfie’s army.

Alfie is doing so fabulous.  He had drainage tubes for six days, and they were removed.  He had so many puncture wounds, and his chest was ripped open.  Dr. Singh did such an amazing job sewing him up.  He still has his stitches, which will be removed in a few days!  Then he will go in for a grooming treatment.  He will have a ‘poodle’ cut so he doesn’t look so funny with just his body shaved short!  Our little boy looks like such a little lamb, and he is just such a sweet, loving soul, despite everything.  He still loves dogs, people – and he especially loves chasing the cats and bopping them on the head.  He has actually taught his little friend, Wade ‘Crybaby’ Walker how to bop the cats on their heads!  He loves running in the yard, sunbathing, and barking at me when I leave the room.  He is so people attached, and will make someone an awesome companion.  He will be ready for adoption after all healed – and when he gets neutered and fully vetted!


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