Ginny Love

July 26, 2012

Eight days ago, we welcomed Ginny into our family.  She is a three-four year old pitty mix, that is covered in Demodex Mange.  She was in the Orange Cove shelter for months.  I saw her picture networked in a rescue forum for quite some time, and my heart just hurt for her.  She just looked so sad, and she looked like her physical condition was horrible.  The top right photo was a month before and the bottom right photo was right before we pulled her.  In a month, her hair loss was tremendous, and she looked very thin.  And her eyes.  Her eyes in the photo just called to you.  She looked just so sad, and so miserable.

I had no room to take her.  Myself and all my foster homes were full.  We didn’t know if Ginny was dog friendly, and the full extent of her skin issue.  I was in a bind.  She had to get out as soon as possible – yet, where was I going to put her.  A lovely supporter of Ruffles, Kelsie, had been wanting to foster for sometime.  She had contacted me, wanting to foster a dog from the Rancho Cucamonga shelter who was on the urgent list.  We contacted the shelter, we were going to get her, but someone came in and adopted the dog just in the nick of time.  So, I sent Kelsie the photograph of Ginny and she immediately said yes!  We pulled Ginny from the shelter, with some amazing team work of other rescue people, and she was transported to our vet that morning!  Ginny had Demodex Mange, had hundreds of ticks on her, she was really skinny, and had a yeasty skin infection on top of the mange.  Our vet believes the skin infection was caused by living in a moist environment, and from what I’ve been told, Ginny was hardly ever taken out of her kennel in the shelter, and they just hosed it down.


Kelsie and her husband opened their homes and hearts to Ginny.  They didn’t care what she looked like, what her breed was, and how long it will take her to heal.  They wanted to save a life, and they did just that.  If it wasn’t for them coming forward, Ginny most likely would not have made it out of the shelter.  Ginny is now in a loving environment, has two human siblings – a five year old brother and a baby sister!  Kelsie keeps Ginny on a strict regimen with her medication and feedings.  Ginny is now part of a family!  She is indoors.  She watches television with her brother and her sister shares her toddler snacks with her!  I truly cannot thank Kelsie and her husband Josh, for altering their lives, and doing something completely selfless like they have done.  They have changed their schedules, added a new addition that is medically needy – just to save her life.  I am so very thankful, and so very blessed to have them apart of our army.  Words can never thank them enough for what they have done.

This morning, I picked up Ginny from her foster home and off to the vets office we went.  She is showing great improvement.  She has some slight hair growth, a little bit of weight gain, her skin is not as crusty and hot.  She is making small but great strides.  She was so happy to go in the car, and got so excited when she entered the vets office today.  She saw two other dogs and her tail was wagging, and she wanted to play!  Her ‘dips’ are done in the morning, but the vet’s office keeps her all day long.  They like to observe her and make sure that she is not having any reaction to the medication.  Around four this afternoon, I will head back over, pick her up, and she will be back with her foster family until next Thursday, when she has another one.  Normally, it takes around four to six ‘dips’ for the mites to be gone.  It will be months until she has full hair growth back.  This is a very long, and expensive road.  Just for her weekly dips, we are looking between three-four hundred dollars.  This does not include the skin scrapings, antibiotics, or anything else.  We have already vaccinated her, and we will spay her and microchip her when her skin condition is handled.  Roughly, we are looking about seven-eight hundred to fully vet Ms. Ginny if everything goes to plan.

We truly appreciate all the kind words and love that we have received this past week on Facebook in regards to Ginny.  She is truly a diamond in the ruff, and she will make someone an excellent dog.  Visit often, and ‘like’ us on Facebook to stay in touch with her progress.


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